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aLoveSupreme プリント柄トレイ キングプロテアイエローミント

aLoveSupreme プリント柄トレイ キングプロテアイエローミント



Small Tray (King Protea Yellow Mint)
Brand: aLoveSupreme
Made in South Africa 南アフリカ産
Size; 30cm x 22cm


(写真のトレイのみの販売です。ケーキ等含まれません!Mugs and cakes and cushions etc are not included. Only the tray!)

A tray for your special "Me Time", whether it's with a cake and coffee, or with a bowl of pasta.  It can be used to take cups and cutlery from the kitchen to the table and even as a spot for you to use to lay your keys and wallets.

Scratch and stain resistant small melamine tray.

Heat resistant up to 120°C. Dishwasher safe. Size: 30 x 22cm